Saudi Crown Prince is a man to be reckoned with!

Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has several of his fellow princes and other high level officials under arrest and being held as prisoners at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Riyadh. Now we are beginning to learn some of the details about those arrests. Most of them have been arrested for decades of corruption including bribery of foreign officials INCLUDING US officials. Surprised? You shouldn’t be!

There are also allegations being made that Blackwater is being used by the Crown Prince to conduct security and interrogations of the prisoners but the private security company denies those allegation. Blackwater has changed its name to Academi. Reports are also surfacing that the Princes under arrest are being tortured, beaten, berated, and slapped around by whoever is conducting the interrogations in an effort to break them down and gain confessions. One form of torture being used, allegedly, is hanging the prisoners upside down for hours and giving electric shocks to their testicles. Continue reading “Saudi Crown Prince is a man to be reckoned with!”

Man Bad but Same as Woman

I just love it when the feminists assert that males and females are “basically” the same in their makeup because the fact is there are some clear differences between the sexes and males are, indeed, different from females in many ways For one thing males tend to be more aggressive and competitive than most females and males have different “plumbing” than females (Hello!!) among other things.

The idea that we are all the same and “one size fits all” is a bunch of bullshit. Males don’t think like females so trying to make a male more feminine is a bit ridiculous. Feminized males have no self pride and, frankly, I consider them defeated males. They’re beaten down into submission in much the same way slaves were beaten down into submission in days gone by and even STILL today. Yes, slavery still exists in some parts of the world.

The basic message is that males are bad but we are essentially the same as women, if that makes any sense. The reality is that not all males are bad and males are not the same as women exactly. Some men respect women and others don’t in the SAME way that some females respect men and others don’t. Some males have self control while others have little to no self control and this is the same with women as well. Some males are overly focused on SEX while others are not and this too can be found in women. Those males who are overly aggressive and have little to no respect for women have a PROBLEM. Those males who seek to dominate women have a problem! Those males who see women as sex objects and/or property have a problem! But so do WOMEN who seek to dominate males and see males as sex objects to be dominated. Let’s face the truth here. Males AND females are GUILTY of the same! If males are all bad then females must be all bad. But that’s NOT so. Some are good and some are not so good. Continue reading “Man Bad but Same as Woman”

Once Again the Attack on Christmas Begins!

Every year about this time the attacks on Christmas and Christians begins and those attacks are usually waged against Christians by non-Christian leftists who hate everything Christian but this year there is a new twist in the attacks. A Catholic priest in Ireland named Desmond O’Donnell is urging Christians to give up the word “Christmas” and replace it with something else. WTF? Yes he’s a Catholic priest, no less!!

This priest’s suggested is not what you think at first because his complaint is that the holiday has been hijacked by “Santa and reindeer.” He said, “We’ve lost Christmas just like we lost Easter.” He said Christmas has been taken over as a secular holiday and the religious significance of the season has now been lost. “I am just trying to rescue the reality of Christmas for believers,” O’Donnell said.

Well Father O’Donnell is right. Christmas and every other holiday has been taken over by the greedy Corporatist who only see PROFIT! They’ve taken our religious holidays (holy days) and transformed them into something they were never meant to be! Christ and the manger has been replaced with the idiotic Santa Claus and Rudolf the red nosed reindeer and Easter, the holiest day of the year as it marks Christ’s resurrection, has been replaced with the idiotic Easter bunny and colored eggs….and candy! The Corporatists have gradually taken over each holiday with the most recent being Halloween. Did you see the OUTRAGEOUS prices of candy last month? Sorry but I’m NOT paying the greedy Corporatists $15 at Walmart for a small back of candy! So this year I bought NO CANDY for Halloween! Continue reading “Once Again the Attack on Christmas Begins!”

Once Again MEN are the ENEMY!!

Sonora del Norte Press

commentary by Monomakh…………..

The MSM just can’t give the story a rest and each new day there is some other male of fame being accused of sexual harassment now. In short, the ongoing attack on males is endless and the MSM is using all of this to drive home the message that males are BAD. Ah yes….we are all sexual perverts and sexual harassers. Bad and vile creatures who should have been killed at birth, no doubt. And the way the MSM portrays it ALL males are BAD!!

Well folks that just ain’t so!! Surprise!!! In fact, MOST MEN TO NOT ENGAGE IN SEXUAL harassment. And MOST men do not commit rape!! In fact, MOST men respect women and the last thing they want to do is to offend them. But, you’d never know it from the way the MSM is portraying it all now.

This all got into the…

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Saudi Arabia: King to Resign, Crown Prince to take over!!

This guy is a man with balls! I think he’ll be a great king!!

Sonora del Norte Press

Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed Salman

Sources close to the royal family in Saudi Arabia have told the Daily Mail that King Salman plans to step now next week and raise his 32-year-old son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the throne. Over the past month the Crown Prince has been engaged in a power grab and he ordered the arrest of several members of the royal family and government officials charging them with corruption all of which was sanctioned by King Salman. He also sent troops to blockade Qatar and sent troops into Yemen after that country shot a missile into the Kingdom near the Riyadh airport. The Crown Prince has also suggested that the PM in Lebanon resign and even detained him during a visit to Saudi Arabia recently. In addition, the Crown Prince has made it no secret of his distaste for Iran and its radical Muslim…

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Conversation with a Dreamer

Yesterday I went to Walmart and on may way out I noticed a young man with a can in his hand asking for donations so I went over to him and dropped a few bucks in his can. He told me he was asking for donations so he could get food and have some spending money. He told me someone had stolen his ID and wallet and he was having a very hard time trying to get a new ID and work permit because he had no way of proving his identity. Without an ID and his work permit no one would hire him He was born in Mexico, he told me, and his parents brought him into the US when he was only 6 months old illegally.

During our conversation this young man who was dressed nicely and clean told me that he had only visited Mexico twice in his lifetime and he didn’t speak Spanish because he attended American schools and spoke only English. His parents, he told me, wanted him to be an American not a Mexican. Come to find out this young man was only 26 years old and he’d been in the US for his entire life except for those first 6 months after he was born. He had recently tried to join the US Army but without ID and necessary paperwork they rejected him so now he was trying to figure out how he could remain in America, his “home.”

Pics of some of the “Dreamers.” These youth are AMERICANS not Mexicans!!

“I am an American,” he told me several times, “not a Mexican. I went to American schools, graduated from an American high school, and have worked American jobs.” Yes, indeed, as far as he was concerned he was an AMERICAN not a Mexican. But, sadly, that’s not the way the law sees it. Continue reading “Conversation with a Dreamer”